How Can Hemp Oil and CBD Help Treat Migraines?

Jan 07, 2017 / 0 comment / admin

If you or a loved one has ever experienced a migraine, you know how agonizing this type of headache can be. Unfortunately, though, there’s no surefire way to prevent or get rid of migraines. These headaches aren’t rare – in the United States, about twelve percent of people experience them, leading to many days of misery and missed work every year. It’s easy to see why finding an effective migraine treatment is important. As medical marijuana becomes more mainstream, researchers are discovering that hemp oil and other cannabis products rich in cannabidiol (CBD) might be able to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines.

A Brief Introduction to CBD

What is CBD? CBD, also called cannabidiol, is one of the many naturally occurring chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, another famous chemical component of cannabis, CBD won’t get you high. That might be a bad thing for recreational users, but for many people who use medical marijuana to treat illnesses and chronic pain, it’s a very good thing. Cannabidiol’s lack of side effects means it’s safe for virtually everyone to take, including children, the elderly, and people who need to drive or be active at work all day.

So if CBD doesn’t produce psychoactive side effects, what does it do? Plenty. In fact, scientists are beginning to think that cannabidiol may be responsible for the majority of cannabis’ therapeutic effects. Cannabidiol is a great natural painkiller, and many people living with conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia use it to ease their discomfort and help them sleep. CBD also prevents seizures, kills cancer cells, and reduces inflammation and oxidative damage throughout the body.

Cannabidiol is available in the form of high-CBD strains of raw cannabis as well as hemp oil. Hemp oil is many people’s preferred treatment method because it’s simple to consume and doesn’t carry the health risks of smoking. High-cannabidiol hemp oil extracted from industrial hemp is also available and legal everywhere, unlike cannabis-derived hemp oil.